about me


Nice to meet you. My name is Annie,I'm 28. I am a crafter, a vegan enthusiast, environmental and animal rights activist, a doctor in training and, last but not least, a piercer.
I love cooking, knitting, sewing, body art, bäng bäng music, photographing with my Nikon and my vintage Polaroid cam, daydreaming, jumping in squares, painting walls, time travelling and japanese design.

My best friend is a robot. My boyfriend is called Mr. P and once had blue hair. I live with him and our dog Paula in Southern Germany in a small city we call Tiny Town.

Visit my online shop for vintage and self made stuff, have a look into my daily life at Flickr and feel free to ask me anything. Email me for body art. Read my vegan recipes and cook them. Love yourself. Have fun!