Cookin' time!

Note: Recipes with a * were made up in my ante-vegan life, they are all with vegan option.
A few recipes are not originally from me but I changed them to vegan, it is always
mentioned in the text.

Polenta Pear and Mango Tarte
Chocolate Bananarama Cake
Gooseberry Scones
Healthy Hangover Breakfast Waffles
Green Smoothie

Buckwheat Mushroom Tofu Bake
Mr P's secret Chilli*
Marvellous Melon Salad*
Cucumber Stir-Fry with Rice and Veggie Mince
Lasagne Magnifique*
Galettes chouettes
Fancy Spicy Green Beans
Peanutbutter and Coconut Spread
Creamy gruenkern salad
Terence Hill stir-fry