Montag, 28. Juni 2010

Vegan Thursday.

I established a no-fastfood-but-tasty day per week for Mr P a few weeks ago, he wants to eat healthier now he has become a football coach for 10-12 year old kids (they seem to run faster than him, he he).

This was the first result:
Organic spelt bread, red pepper, sweet chilli sauce (loads), vegan pumpkin/carrot stars.

He liked it, jippieh.

This week, I was a bit more brave: I cooked some butterflies. Haha. Course not. Look.

Basmati rice with veggie bolognese for the wings, very hot chilli sauce for the antennae and cucumber stir fry for the body.

Cucumber Stirrrrrrr-Frrrry
(serves one hungry girl)

1 big fresh organic cucumber
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
a handful of walnuts (from the tree of your trust)
soy sauce
black pepper
ground nutmeg
a small piece of fresh ginger
1 Tbsp balsamico

Roast walnuts in oil until they're golden. Add cucumber, let stew for a few minutes while you reduce heat. Add all spices. If you like it sharp (I dooooo!), add some fresh or dried chillies aswell. But be careful.

Oh I love playing with food! Do you?

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