Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

Love Waffles/Melon Summer Salad

Mr P and me went to my friend Laura's annual BIG SUMMER GARDEN PARTY last friday. I am so in love with the house she lives in (with 4 flatmates and three cats), it looks just like Pippi Longstockings Villa Villekulla. I would love to live there one day with a lot of funny people and children!!! Their garden is a little paradise, with lots of hidden corners (for kissing and making poetry), torches and big beech trees. And a big sand pit!!! :) (perfect for eternal teenagers like me)

Everybody was asked to bring something to eat, it is a very nice tradition at their parties to have a huge, mouth-watering homemade-stuff buffett. This is what p and me made, I thought I'd share it. I never tried both things before, and I really liked it.

Melon salad (from Tel Aviv, based on the recipe in Nigelly Lawson's Verführung zum Kochen)
(for one medium sized bowl)

1 Honey Melon (Nigella uses watermelon, but I like honey melons better)
250g Feta Cheese
1 red onion
a handful of black olives
1/2 pomegranate
a handful of macadamia nuts (or pistacios)
juice of 2 big limes
olive oil
pepper,salt,parsley,peppermint leaves

Slice everything ecxept the pomegranate, starting with the onions (be sure to make small pieces). Put onion slices in a bowl, drown with lime juice, olive oil, pepper and salt and let marinate while you slice the rest. Add all the other stuff, keeping two or three peppermint leaves uncut for decorating. Last, carefully knock on the half pomegranate fruit to get out the kernels and sprinkle them on the finished dish. Done :) sorry, no pic, was eaten up too quickly. REALLY!

Love Waffles (invented by me, muah)
(for about 6 dessert portions)

a package of commercial (when possible egg-free) rectangular sweet waffles from the supermarket (I had 6 big pieces in my pack)
1 Kiwi (the golden sweet ones) or 1 ripe peach
1 vanilla and 1 mango yoghurt (together 250g), ideally organic, or any other not too sweet fruit yoghurt of your choice
3 tbsp peanut butter
colourful sugar sprinkles

Place half of the waffles on a large rectangular plate. Mix yoghurts in a bowl (not if you only use one sort), then spread it equally on the waffles (like butter on a bread). Slice fruit in tiny pieces and sprinkle it onto the yoghurt layer.
Now take other half of the waffles (for the top layer), spread a bit of peanut butter on the upper side, and dip into the sugar sprinkles. Place on the prepared lower part. Just like a sandwich!

Now, if you like, you can decorate the dish with all kinds of sugar stuff, I used some little tubes with commercial chocolate writing mass.

Finally, take a verrrrrrry sharp big knife, and cut all the waffles in about 3x3 cm big quarters or equal rectangulars to be able to serve it as finger food.

Happy eating!

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