Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

I heart trading

Lovely Sammy from Cookie Button fell in love with my Moomin lollies. She got one. Look what I got in exchange!!!! It fits perfectly :) What can't be seen in this picture: While Fränzi took photos of me and the brooch, a teeny tiny black-with-red-spots-ladybird landed on it and climbed and climbed over the hills and valleys of its ruffles. We tried to picture it, but it was too small (it only looked like a black spot on the photos).... Two hours later, while we were strolling through the bookshop (it had started raining), something tickled me on the left shoulder. Fränzi looked there and - it was still the ladybird . It obviously had fallen in love with my butterfly tattoo, too :D :D

So Sammy, you can see that your brooch is already in proper use :) Thanks again for the lovely trade, and have wonderful summer in Somerset!


  1. Yay, I am so glad you liked it!
    Aww, that is such a cute little story about the ladybird ^_^
    Hope you have a lovely summer too and yes, more trading will be happening very soon!

  2. I actually LOVE it :D I am already looking forward to the next package party. XOXOXO