Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

Favourite Shops: flex! Nuremberg

One of the shops that make it worth to live here: flex! in Nuremberg's funniest, strangest and kiez-iest district Gostenhof. I come here for buying 60ies dresses, vintage shoes, unique houseware, books and also independent music (they have a highly recommandable shelf filled with stuff of MONO-TON, a cool local music store)...

A Must-Go if you live in Nuremberg/Fürth/Erlangen or the surrounding area!!! And for any foreign visitor hunting for good stuff, the whole quarter will be a relief from all the tourist-crammed alleys in the city center.
There is, besides more Vintage Shops, for example a very well-sorted and super friendly Women's Bookstore (lots of highly interesting literature by and for girrrrls and ladies, but also loads of non-fiction about feminism, lesbian and queer culture, women's rights blablaba, AND you always get a fresh coffee for free!). Moreover, a nice big music store (specialized in guitars and amplifiers, but also with pan flutes and other funny instruments and very helpful, well trained staff), several nice snack bars and veggie cafés AND the LIEBLING shop (a crafters' cooperation) which happens !!surprise!! to be one of my favourites aswell.

And the best: all the described shops are located only a few metres from each other, in the Kernstraße and the Fürther Straße, right next to the subway station Gostenhof.

Happy Shopping, everyone!

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