Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

Things that made me smile today #1

1. Brain slug cupcakes (Futurama), 2. Nail Art: Balloon in the Sky (Pixar's UP inspired), 3. Upcycled Love skirt and rainbow shirt4. Mochimochi Tiny Cowboy


  1. P.s I received your amazing package today :D

  2. Hi! :) Thank you so much for having added my widget! :) Your blog layout is very cute! :) And I love the nail polish with the clouds! :)

  3. thank you lu!!! The nail polish is so super duper cute!!! I must try it out soon, if I manage it, I'll show a pic here :D

    cookie: I received yours today, too!!!! it is sooo cute!! Happy unpacking!!!!! very good timing aswell, uhm? I will upload my pic in a few minutes here :)