Samstag, 10. Juli 2010


What happened last Wednesday:

I was at my parents' home, babysitting my very ill sister. She told me that our former artist teacher at school had called her earlier and offered us to come into our old school and look through the photo lab which had to be emptied due to renovation of the building.

Of course I had to go there. And this is what I found:

PURE BLISS! Sadly, the practica doesn't work.. BUT the Mamiya does, at least mechanically. MADE IN 1968!!!!! I need to check the electronic part and if it works, I will buy an objective.... does anyone have a M42 objective? Do you still use analogue SLR?

And any suggestions what to do with the old chemistry glass? I need to bring the content to the special waste department, but I can't decide what I could make out of the glass.

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