Montag, 10. Mai 2010


Last Sunday, it was finally thrifty girls' paradise day in Tiny Town. Had been working for the last three weeks to finish some cool projects for selling, and I WAS exited. It was my first own stall. YEAH :D Felt good, worked wonderful, got a lot of really nice feedback and made promo for my tattoist, too. haha :) The organizerettes made an amazing job, they had so much sweet granny style deco :)

Some people were strange (not speaking of me). We had much fun muttering about the people standing in front of the stall and not realizing that we watched them while they examined my stuff.

Also,for the cake buffet, I tried out two recipes from Post Punk Kitchen: Peanut Butter Chocolate Pillows and Pignoli Almond Cookies, and they turned out even better then I hoped.. Vegan cookies ROCK!

Alltogether, I think it was a success, but there's still some stuff left- kawaii and crochet AND vintage which I added to my dawanda shop. Lookee!

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