Montag, 2. August 2010

nerd life

Do you love playing those cool old-school computer games like Tetris? I love love love it! Even if it's probably a waste of time, but it is so addictive...
Our flatmate Ti, Mr P and me had a very game-ish weekend. It all started with the fact that I remembered this very 90ies childrens' computer game by the Kellogs company, "Tony and his friends in Kellog's land". I don't know why I thought of that suddenly, must have been due to my generally retro-and-good-old-times-mood at the moment as I have been rearrangeing my workroom and found a lot of old childhood memorabilia. Well, and then, of course, I wanted to play exactly that game. Poor Mr P! He spent the whole Friday evening trying to install the game on his Windows XP (of course there was no chance to do it on my mac), and finally managed it thanks to the glorious DosBox device (thank you very much, inventors of DosBox!!!) which lets your PC travel back in time instantly with an easy programme.

Second, when Ti noticed what we were doing, she started slobbering over old games in general, and five minutes later, we all were sitting in the living room, everybody playing Tetris. I LOVE TETRIS!!! Visit this funny website, you can play it there for free in several nerdy versions!!! It all went very competitive and loud soon, but we had a lot of fun :) I love being a nerd, if that means being one :D

And it occured to me that I could knit or crochet something about Tetris soon.

Tell me about your game favourites! I would love to hear which kind of nerd you are :D


  1. Yay for tetris, I love it too :D
    That is such a good idea to knit/crochet something crafty, do it now!
    I love cooking/gardening mama, so addictive and cute. I have recently become a bit obsessed with this game.. reminds me of tetris :)

  2. I don't know it, but I definitely have to try if you like it :D sounds like something perfect for me!

    I thought of either a knitted/crocheted tetris picture, maybe with removable items (with velcro strip on the back or so), as a childrens' game... let's see if I manage it. TOO MANY PLANS!! hahaha