Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

Tiny Girly Stick Stick Stick

My dear friend Christin is currently love sick, and when she lended me her stick drive for a few days as I had lost mine (no wonder, all that MESS in my house), I had the idea to make a mini-bag for that tiny stick. It's about 1,5 inches long and took me 7 minutes. And it earned me a huge smile from her face.

I love to present people with little things when they don't expect it. It's so thrilling to make others happy... isn't that the MOST thrilling thing there is, in fact? And that way, it's not so altruistic as it seems at the first glance... I feel much better that way, thinking about what would be a nice and fitting gift, and how to package it, and thinking about little bitty things to decorate it with and so on... :)
Enough now, I have to go and get my concert tickets for tonight.

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