Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

Yummy Almond Milk

You know, I am always curious about trying new food ingredients and recipes. When I spotted different sorts of prefabricated almond milk in our organic supermarket, I simply had to test it. I already had rice drink and several sorts of soy milk, I love soy milk, but almond milk never crossed my mind so far.
Enjoying the lovely morning sun, I am just experiencing my first almond milk latte. Half cup strong coffee, half cup luke warm almond milk, that seems to be a fine mixture, and thanks to the sweet taste of the pure almond milk you don't need any sweetener or sugar. (By the way, the nutritional value of it is only about 38 kcal per 100 g which is even less than that of skimmed milk) It has a slight flavour of grain when heated, but that's what I expected and what you get in most sorts of soy milk, too. Only be careful not to let it boil as it curdles easily then.

Well, now I will do some research for recipes with almond milk. I just found a french dessert called "blancmanger", this seems to be something like an almond milk version of panna cotta (which I ADORE) ... probably worth a try for the next dinner with the girls ;) And another recipe, almond milk bread from german Küchenlatein blog. Sounds scrumptious and looks great!
If any of you has some ideas whatelse to do with this yummy drink, please share! I'm keen on collecting more ideas. And what do you think of almond milk as baby food? Better not take it as an alternative for breastfeeding or formula, but what are your experiences with almond milk as a base for mash or something like that when you start with solid food?

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