Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009

Oh so icy creamy sweetly softly...

I painted these two ladies some weeks ago, using some massive wooden toy blanks and acryl paint. Well, I love them, but I'm still unsure how to use them. I would like to turn them into some kind of jewelry... but being about 4 inches long und 1 inch thick, they're too heavy for becoming a pin, and for making a pendant out of them, I would need some kind of hook or loop which is really sturdy. Hm.... any suggestions, honey pie society?


  1. I can imagine they could look quite nice connected by a thin chain and pinned onto a backpack or shoulder bag... So would be no "kind of jewelry" for you but for your stuff ...

  2. This is really a sweet idea, didn't think of something like that so far. Like a key pendant then... Thanks!
    What I thought of aswell was to glue them to a strong Velcro and to use it together with a T-shirt, to which the other half of the Velcro is sewn. So you could change them daily, if you wished to... but I#m not really sure if it lasted long ;)

  3. Perhaps in a boot attached to the top!?
    Of course you would have to wear a skirt!
    Or even less than that:-)

  4. Cool idea too, Behri :) THX! I have to try out all of that.