Samstag, 23. Januar 2010

rug in progress

Well, I must say that I'am a BIT proud of that thing. It's not really symmetric, and it is VERY colourful, maybe too colourful...but I adore all things that look strange and chaotic and unusual. So, this sweetie comes straight from my heart. I'm still not sure if it will become a rug or a baby blanket or a big blanket for my sofa... Initially, I planned to sell it, but the longer I work on it, the more I want to keep it. Lalalala... we all know that problem, don't we ;) Additionally, I gave up the plan of reaching a certain size... I will simply crochet as long as it's fun. That can take LONG. Haha :) It now measures about 60 x 40 cm, not very much yet. I'll keep you informed about my progress.

By the way, it reminds me of a very brightly coloured landscape from bird's eye view. What do you think?


  1. It is awesome!!! I could never sell that. Keep going! I love the randomness of it--I think things created in this way are often the very most wonderful of all. xox, Amy

  2. thank you so much, that's exactly the way I think :) I already knew that I probably couldn'T sell it when the first three or four pieces were set together... :) I'll keep ot for my future baby.