Freitag, 22. Januar 2010

finished wintertime projects

New idea: wrap all kinds of daily used food packages (which are often looking boring and don't fit into my colorful dreamland) into new clothes. Crocheted, knitted, sewn and stitched... Starting with one of my favorite characters: the Moomin kid.

Next: My first attempt to crochet a piece of ripple pattern. There you are. I chose some - well - slightly nasty colours (especially in combination) like mustard yellow, lavender, bottle green and bright rose, but you already know my love to colours that other people would never put together. Then I sat there with a piece of ripple whatnot, and thought about what to do with it (actually, I was runnning out of the wool colours I had started with) and then I remembered the super duper sweet kawaii fabric my sister gave me as a christmas gift and sewed it to the backside of my crocheted thing. YEAH! There you are. A tiny sofa pillow. I love it.

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