Freitag, 22. Januar 2010


I finally managed to end my hibernation, YEAH! I had a really wonderful Christmas with loads of family time and winter walks and sweets and lovely presents and all that kind of stuff that makes you love winter. Now, at long last, I wanted to share some of my latest crafty adventures with you: Christmas presents I received and those I gave away, and also new projects that I started (and some of them already finished! wohoooo!) during my long time break. Now, after all, I am burtsing of new ideas and plans... Have a look!

Crocheted whale-in-love application :) I'm planning some more comic or kawaii style crochet applications now, collecting new motives every day.

A very greeen and fierce alien plushy, probably from pluto, and my newest baby: the little red riding hood (isn't she lovely....) I am REALLY proud of her! For the first time, I created a pattern for a crocheted character on my own that worked IMMEDIATELY! I you like them, these three are now available in my dawanda shop. More to come soon :)

Now some Christmas goodies.
1. pink ghost pin made of hama beads cute and elephant measure tape (not made by me) for my sister No. 2
2. knitted triangle baby scarf for my friend Zeynep's newborn nephew
3. crocheted angora pantie for my lovely sister No. 1
4. custom-made corduroy skirt for my lovely Sister No. 2

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