Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

baby time

I'm sooo much in love with little ones these days. I want a baby. NOW. It fills my mind every day, and I suppose my biology wants to tell me something... my hormones are playing "classics for baby" recently, and they're getting louder each day. As a consequence, I'm very much affected by ANY YOUNG CHILD that crosses my way (which is rather funny at work, where I had to examine a pair of very cute female newborn twins yesterday and suddenly behaved like a teen- the mother looked rather bewildered..ummm). Even worse if it concerns people I know. I've started to produce A LOT of baby stuff in the last weeks. For example, these two:

It's for my dear friend Chris who gave birth to Damian two weeks ago (and she's 6!!! years younger than I am ...). Poor Mr. P. He loves children and he wants some, but not AT ONCE, which I can understand quite well as he's still younger than me, and I won't definitely try to make him want a child if he doesn't... but I simply feel that it's time for me. Puh. Any suggestions??? ;)

(By the way, the sweet cap is made of this pattern.)

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