Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2010

Needle Love

My friend Tam has started to call me pincushion. She's damn right, but I don't have a choice, I am an addict. Needles and colours are what I would die for.... See what happened to my upper arm yesterday!

..and this was my inspiration: wonderful Design by Urban Threads' Niamh O’Connor.

I've been admiring their embroidery designs for quite a time, and when I found this beautiful wonderful swallow picture, I knew that I had discovered my next STITCH. The message is more than a tribute to neeldes and colours, it is one of the few sayings that describe my life perfectly.
Go there and buy some embroidery kits. Them girls are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.

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  1. It's wonderful! :)
    I didn't realize you had a blog! Thankfully I found it!