Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010

Woo-nderful! male yarn addiction!

Sometimes, I stumble over web thingsies that I can hardly believe. I consider myself to be strongly feminist and take most male approaches to gender equality for granted - nevertheless, I happen to be astonished from time to time. For example when Mr P took over the task of doing all laundry all by himself - very profane example - or when I found WooWorks' wonderful website.

A male artist who loves to crochet in such a creative and thoughtful way! My heart stood still several times while browsing his online playground. Have fun with this exceptionnal artist's yarn works. Don't forget to watch his cartoons and his gorgeous short films!!!

I still can't believe it. A man who understands the idea of yarnbombing. We're not yet lost, sisters ;)

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