Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

Visit from Tortoise land

Helllooou, my name is Morla.

I temporarily live with Mr P and Annie (they're strange, they talk with me as if I was a baby, and they smell, but they do good cooking). My lovely owner Charlie had to go to Sylt and left me with them. Uhm, I'm not sure if I like this, because their den is so pink. But I don't care as long as they leave me alone and give me salad and cucumber. Yesterday, they wanted to show me how to swim. I HATE SWIMMING! I AM A TORTOISE, NOT A TURTLE!! By they way, I have no clue who that person Morla is, it seems to have something to do with me. Strange...Wah, now I have to go asleep again. My warm stone is waiting for me....uhhuhmmmm, dreaming of salaaaaaaaaaaaaad....uhuhummm nom nom nom...


  1. Aw wow :) I have a tortoise, he's called herman :D nx

  2. herman, how cool is THAT! I love giving animals strange names. My dog's name is Kalle. Like Kalle Blomqvist :D

    thanks to you two!